Following the announcement of the national lockdown, we offer exclusive showroom appointments for smart home and home cinema demo following strict COVID-19 guidelines. 

smart home demo

Experience the 7.1 Dolby Atmos home cinema room

and endless smart home possibilities.

what to expect from showroom visit

smart home demo

We offer smart home, lighting, security and dedicated home cinema room demo at our showroom in Farnham Common. During the visit you experience the Dolby Atmos 7.1 cinema room sound, 4K video quality and various home automation scenarios that we have set up.  Our staff can then help you make the right choices of smart devices to fit in your budget.

visit smartech showroom at Farnham Common

Experience the comfort of smart home, home cinema room, entertainment, lighting and security system, with an expert-led demo at Smartech’s showroom at the high streets of Farnham Common.
Smartech’ show house boast of an exquisite bespoke cinema room with colour changing fibre optic night sky lighting, acoustically treated walls, special cinema seating and most important the Dolby Atmos audio system from Artcoustic, JVC projector and surround speakers and all automated with Control4. A dedicated home cinema room is an expensive project and it would be absolutely necessary to experience the quality of audio, video, lighting, networking and the standard of installation we offer before designing your next home renovation. Our expert staff will take you through the smart lighting keypads. security systems and data networking solutions that are essential for a modern house.

showroom demo

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to experience the WOW effect of Cinema room and smart home. 

smart home survey

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to discuss any Audio Visual, Lighting, Data Networking, Security System and gate installation needs. 


Let us know your address and email and we will send you the specification with cost – Yes no hidden charges £9000 only including supply and installation.