Smart home service include professional design, supply, installation and customisation of smart electronic and electrical devices that interact with each other and works on a single smart phone App and a sole home automation controller to make your home smarter. 


After the initial site survey we will sit down with home owners, interior designers and builders to design and plan your lighting, security, audio video and other smart aspects of your home to draft the schematics for infrastructure installation.


Our expert installers will run the cables as designed to each and every room and exterior of your home and terminate them neatly in the rack. Once the walls are sealed and ready for decoration we would be back to install lights, AV, cinema and security system.


Experienced home automation programmers at Smartech would then write set of instructions so that your lighting, blinds, speakers, TV, heating, security system and any compatible smart devices work together to match your lifestyle.

1 year onsite warranty

For all of our smart home services

We offer 1 year onsite warranty on all of our smart home installation services. If any of the programmed devices are not working as set up, we will come over and fix or replace at no extra cost. This includes all the products supplied by us including speakers, networking, lights, security system and home automation devices.

data networking

First fix includes running cables, terminating and naming 

them ready for the next phase.

data networking

domestic services

A discreet infrastructure is the backbone of a real smart home. By real smart home we mean using a single controller and a single smart phone App to control all of your smart devices rather than each smart device controlled separately with multiple Apps. We would run the cables, name and terminate them at the rack as agreed during the design phase.

Smart Lighting

internal & external

Our installers work together with certified Electricians to supply and install smart lighting keypads and connect the lighting circuits to your home automation controllers lighting panel. We work with Control4 and KNX lighting panels and offer wired, wireless and centralised lighting installation services. We can program your lights to turn on, off or dim by integrating it with blinds, audio, TV and motion sensors.. 

smart lighting installation

Design installation and programming of centralised

wired and wireless lighting.

smart home security service

Security system services include supply, installation, maintenance and monitoring of burglar alarms and CCTV.

security system installation

burglar alarm and cctv

Our security system services offer certified installation of burglar alarms and security cameras that can be integrated with your home automation system. As authorised dealers and  installers of Control4 and Texecom burglar alarms we offer risk assessment, system design, installation and commissioning of wired, wireless and hybrid security alarms. Our popular choice of security cameras are from the world leader, Hikvision.  

Audio visual installation

multi-room av

Audio visual installation services from Smartech includes supply and installation of ceiling and in-wall speakers and garden speakers and TV in each room or every room. Our smart home programmers can connect the audio and video devices in different room to a single home automation controller to be controlled centrally. We set up your Sky and music channels and streaming services to be controlled from a single remote control.

smart home AV installation service

Smartech offers supply and installation of single, multi-room

and whole house Audio and Video.

home cinema installation service

Dedicated cinema room installation services includes audio and visual effects as well as lighting, acoustics and seating.

home cinema installation

dedicated cinema room

We offer design and installation of dedicated cinema room taking into account the lighting, acoustic walls,  star light ceiling, seating and most importantly the sound and visual effects. Our home cinema installation services helps you identify the right configuration and products that fits your budget to create the ultimate 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Atmos cinema room. 

gate and intercom installation

swing and sliding

Working directly with gate manufacturers we offer supply and installation of swing and sliding metal and wooden gates for domestic properties. This includes installation of video and audio intercom with remote door release and smart phone App. 

gate and intercom installation

We supply and install automated gates with video and audio

intercom and remote door release.

smart home service for builders and contractors

We work with property developers and builders to make

your new-build smarter.

for builders and contractors

smart apartments

Professional smart home service offering design and installation of smart homes and security system for new-build properties. Making a new build smarter adds value to your property and is  in high demand in property market. We can design and install minimal smart devices as per your budget for any new constructions, big or small.

professional smart home service and installation

for new build, renovation and conversions.

We work with home owners, builders & designers.


showroom demo

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to experience the WOW effect of Cinema room and smart home. 

smart home survey

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to discuss any Audio Visual, Lighting, Data Networking, Security System and gate installation needs. 


Let us know your address and email and we will send you the specification with cost – Yes no hidden charges £9000 only including supply and installation.