smart home lighting

Installation of customisable smart lighting that allows you to control more than just the lights, for homes built a century ago to those under construction or renovation

high tech, easy control smart lights

Customisable buttons

We offer installation of custom keypads with customisable buttons that allow you to control lights, music, movies, locks, thermostats and possibly your garage door—with a simple press.

handsfree illumination

Experts at Smartech can program motion sensors to provide hands-free illumination in restroom or kitchen in the middle of the night. Why not tell your house to turn off every fixture from the comfort of your bed.

options for every home

With multiple configurations and finishes for any budget, we can help you install smart lighting across the entire house or in just a few rooms. This includes homes built a century ago to those under construction.

Replacing traditional ON/OFF switches with modern

keypads capable of controlling multiple circuits.

smart Lighting

modern way
Modern lighting that suits every home

We offer installation of all lighting sources including dimmable LEDs, connected audio-visual, security and blind control, and setting up scenes to suit your individual needs at the touch of a button, swipe of a smartphone or by voice command

smart lighting wireless


We install wireless wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads if you prefer not to cut open walls for cable running. Wireless lighting is cost-effective and best suits extensions and conversions.

smart lighting centralised


We offer centralised lighting to homes that are in the new-build or renovation stage ,running wires to a centralised location, replacing banks of switches with elegant keypads.

smart lighting with KNX

KNX Lighting

Experienced technicians at Smartech can help you combine KNX lighting, binds and other electrical with Control4 to automate your home at the best possible price.

intelligent lighting

new build & renovation

We can program your internal and external lighting circuits to act upon sensing movement. They can be linked to your home security system and programmed to turn on and off to imitate occupancy while you are away. For elderly people with disabilities, having  smart home lighting and automation that recognises where the person is in the home and what they are trying to do is really valuable.

custom keypads for smart home lighting

Personalize your lights to turn on or off at certain times

of the day or adjust them with the seasons

Control4, Rako, Lutron and KNX tops the list of professional smart home lighting. We install Control4 and KNX in most of our lighting installations.
If you want smart lighting in a few places around the house, a smart bulb along with a voice assistant can help you handle this. But if you would like to set up scenes and need different electrical circuits to be connected, you’ll need to consider professional installation.
Yes, smart lighting can be programmed to work along with you audio visual and security system. This means the lights can be set up to dim by itself when you press movie time on your keypad.

A wireless lighting control system communicate with processor that is hidden in a closet and act accordingly. The cost and planning required for a wireless lighting system is lower than a centralised system. The downside of a wireless system  are occasional interruptions in communications from one device to another. Some older homes may be constructed with metal wire within the walls which can weaken or interrupt the wireless signals.

KNX is a protocol which provides a flexible approach to lighting control and electrics, allowing easy integration with Control4. Smart home lighting and blind control is much cost effective with Control4 integrated KNX.

Planning smart lighting for your new-build or renovation project

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