smart home installation

We offer smart home installation services with integrated multi-room audio video, lighting and security systems to suit the very modern digital and connected smart home lifestyle.


    Control all your AV devices from a single interface and absolutely no compromise on interior with discreet installation of ceiling speakers and hidden TV cables.


    Build your home with custom-tailored lighting. It’s not a switch. It’s not a bulb. It’s about setting the perfect scene - one button to dim all the lights and set the ambience for your favourite movie.


    Integrated security alarm and cctv system to keep an eye out for intruders. Integrate your security system with lights and AV to mimic occupation even when you are away.

  • Living ROOM cinema

    Turn your living room to a cinema room in seconds with a fully immersive Dolby Atmos sound system, drop down projector and screen paired with lights and integrated to our home controller.


    Set your blinds to automatically open every morning as well as adjust them to act by sensing lighting levels, temperature or scene.


    Enjoy a comfortable and inviting home that delivers energy-efficient climate control, convenient management of your pool and spa, and other smart devices.

planning my smart home

It is important that you think about which services you wish to have in your home before the design and installation stage. This will help us identify if what you want is achievable

“Owning a smart home is not just a show off to friends but adds value and convenience to your life.”

Choosing the services for your home

Any installation will require you to make decisions and choose which services you want to have available in each room of your home. Any new build, conversion or renovation should consider digital TV and radio, broadband, lighting, heating and security.

Planning your smart home

With only basic floor plans, it is possible to plan which services you need prior to design and installation. Thinking about and writing down each services you want for your home room by room helps in creating the best smart home proposal for you.

Infrastructure for incoming services

It is important to plan for different incoming services like, dish, cable TV, broadband, SKY and telephone line from different providers to terminate in a common location. A dedicated cupboard space commonly referred as a rack is the best known solution to act as smart home hub.

professional smart home installation services

for new build renovation and conversion 

No obligation and free

smart home design & Programming

We supply the design proposal that best suit your requirement and drafts schematics for cable pullers to build the infrastructure required for your dream smart home. On completion, our expert technicians would program your home brilliantly to match your lifestyle.

smart home design


Having worked with architects and interior designers, we're able to provide expert design advice and technical consultancy to home owners and developers on how best to create your stunning smart home

smart home schematics


We draft cabling infrastructure and mark clearly the equipment location on your floor plan for easy installation. Our expert designers draft the schematics for your builders to work inline with our installers.

Control4 programming for smart homes


Our experienced automation Engineers would love to program all of your smart devices to interact and work together to deliver the ultimate smart home experience you desire at a much faster pace.

smart home installation with control4

Feel the difference between a connected home with lots of smart stuff in it, and a smart home where the components all work together. Control4 is the central control system for your home that makes your life easier and simpler, with just one App and one interface to control whole of your smart home. 

Delightful Smart Homes

with control4 home automation

Control4 offers the broadest range of solutions with almost 14,000 compatible devices 

for AV, security, lighting and more. It is the most popular and globally accomplished 

home automation technology. 

Smart home installation PROcess

Smart home installation is a long process from first home survey to completion and handover.

Know more on what is involved and what to expect from each stage of the project.

Smart home installation process

how can i control my smart home

touch screen

Table top and on-wall models available


Custom printed keypads with scene setting

mobile app

Control your smart home from anywhere

voice control

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and google assistant


Universal remote control to operate all of your devices


We are here to help you with smart home design, installation and automation questions .

We are one of the smart home installation company in Greater London with our office and showroom at Farnham Common. We provide data networking, cinema room, audio visual, security system and smart home installation in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Hampshire.

The cost of smart home depends on how big your home is and the number of services you choose to automate. We are professional smart home installers who automate your home by connecting all compatible smart devices with a single controller. This way you would be able to control your audio, video, lighting, blinds, heating and security system from a single interface and a single App. The completed projects are in the range of £20K to £60K. Contact us for a free estimate.

In simple words a smart home is a connected home of smart devices. The common systems that are part of  smart home technology are security system, lighting, electric blinds, gate intercoms, home cinema, audio video and structured cabling. All of these devices are connected to each other through the smart home controller so that can act together. A simple scenario – imagine pressing the keypad “Movie Time” and all blinds go down, lights dim themselves, projector and screen comes down and turn ON   the screen all by itself.

Yes. It is possible to automate just one room to begin with. You may add up other rooms if you prefer in future. But it is important to plan he whole house and lay necessary cables for future expansion.

We will be connecting the identified smart devices to the central controlling unit and program them to act as per your requirement. We understand that you will definitely have further customisation once you start living and so we will come back after 3 months to do more customisation to perfectly match each of your lifestyle.

There are many brands like Control4, Creston, Savant, Elan and RTI that can control your whole house from a single interface. We use the most popular one Control4 for all of our residential installations.

The basic requirement for smart home is the internet. You need to plan the infrastructure to discreetly integrate and distribute internet, entertainment, computer and communication system around the home without having to trail any additional wires.

Although the DIY products are arguably cheaper for a similar level of control, this control usually takes place via different remote controls or multiple apps on a smartphone or tablet. Not ideal to call it smart because these things aren’t working together. For professionally installed smart home, with control system as the brain of your home pulls the entire experience together that allows you to have a level of control that is beyond the DIY and an individual product line perspective.

smart home survey

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showroom demo

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