Home cinema room seating

As authorised dealers of FrontRow and Moovia home cinema seating providers we offer 

bespoke cinema room seating to match your interiors and fit your budget.

home cinema seating

Luxury interior for

dedicated cinema room installations

bespoke cinema seating

by moovia

Carefully-designed, fully-customisable and high quality home cinema seating in leather and fabric from the German manufacturer Moovia is a definite winner among top end cinema room furnishings. Talk with our experts to find the right colour and style for your home cinema room.

frontrow cinema seating


The popular FrontRow™ home cinema seating range has many seating options from single chairs to linked seats in both straight and curved configurations. They features dual motors which will allow positioning of the seat incliner as well as separate control of the headrest for optimum viewing comfort.

cost effective home theatre seating

All seating will be installed into your cinema room

by a two man team and the packaging removed as part of the service

customisation of your cinema seating

endless possibilities


Choose any colour to match your cinema room walls


You may choose fabric or leather for the seat


It is possible to add LED lights to your seats 

head rest

Adjustable head rest for maximum comfort

arm rest

Add or remove arm rest for a custom finish

cup holder

Add cupholders to your seats for the cinema feel

home cinema seating plan

room size and seating consideration

Your home cinema layout should give each seat a view of the entire screen that’s within a 30-degree field of view to keep everyone comfortable. Viewers sitting too close may experience discomfort and eyestrain, while those far away loose the benefits of high definition and widescreen resolution.

For the easiest way to determine minimum and maximum distances from the screen, follow this simple formula: Take the horizontal width of your screen and multiply it by 2 to get the minimum distance and multiply by 5 to get the maximum distance. 

For example, if your screen is 90 inches wide, your first row of seats has to be at least 15 feet, away from the screen. Your last row of seats needs to be no farther than 37 feet 5 inches, away from the screen.

For a multi-row cinema seating we recommend that you leave at least 20 inches of space on either side of the row. You may consider placing risers under the back rows, as an elevated back row for home cinema seating gives every viewer a clear view of the screen and makes your home cinema room just like a movie theatre.

It takes between 12 to 24 weeks for delivery. So need to plan on the colours early to avoid any disappointment.

Choose your desired colour from paints colour block and we will find the closest match for you. 

Yes. We have some standard sizes but you can add or remove seat to create custom ones.

Yes, we fill take away all the packaging and fit your cinema room seating with care.

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