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Professional installers of high-tech entertainment equipment and discreet audio in your living room. Watch cinema in luxury.

living room to cinema room in seconds

We work with home owners, interior designers and builders to deliver the magic of cinema in a large screen, protector and 5.1 speaker system. 

Drop down projector

Keep you living room with no hint of cinema until movie time. A press of a button can bring the per-adjusted projector down and when not in use, the projector seamlessly lifts back into the ceiling, concealing itself until the next movie night.

feel dolby atmos

We offer installation of 5.1 system in each of your living room with left, right and central speakers. Paired with a large TV and connected to your home controller, your living room turns into a home cinema in seconds.

drop down screen

Experts at Smartech can help you achieve the true cinema experience with drop down projector screens and huge LED displays. Movies appear more cinematic when projected on a large screen in tandem with a powerful audio system.

Voice control to turn your living room to

cinema room – Setting Scenes

smart living room cinema

voice control

Turning your living room to cinema room incorporates advanced programming with integrated lighting control and audio video set up. Experts at Smartech focus on personalising this not for your family but for each individual member in the family.

discreet installation

dolby atmos

We take into account the size of the image, seating position and the distance of the projector to the screen as well as how well the light can be controlled in the room before selecting the perfect cinema room combination for you.  

multi purpose living room cinema installation

Retractable screens and ceiling speakers make your 

room absolutely multi-purpose

authorised dealers of top brands

We make your home cinema experience as incredible as possible by installing audio system around the room, that you doesn’t notice where the sound comes from and you feel fully immersive. Where the budget allows we would advice a dolby atmosphere system.

4K projector installation for living room cinema


We are authorised dealers of JVC with a vast range of 4K and HD projectors in black and white

Ultra HD projector screen installation for living room cinema


Projecta is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality projection screens for home cinema

Dolby Atmos sound installation for living room cinema


We design and install these hand crafted high-end speakers that are suitable for individual and home cinema set up

Dolby Atmos living room cinema


Triad speakers from Control4 are voiced to deliver seamless acoustic performance in-ceiling,
on-wall, or in-room

We install retractable screens and drop-down projectors that appear when you are ready to watch movie. Ceiling speakers and subwoofer provide the exceptional sound you desire for a cinema room. The lighting and window shades can be integrated to the two-piece projector system using smart technology. This way when you press “Movie time” your screen comes down and blinds and lighting adjust themselves to make the room darker. 

You need to consider the size of the room, orientation of seating, height of the ceiling, depth of the ceiling to the floor above and how efficiently to light in the room can be controlled before planning for a living room cinema. Most living room installations use the 5.1 speaker configuration with one central subwoofer , left , right and central speakers. You may prefer to install a high-end fixed LED display or TV.

The cost of a living room cinema depends on the brand you choose for your audio and video equipments. Ceiling speakers and retractable projector screen combination would cost more on installation side. We would say, to set a budget and talk to one of our experts to find the right configuration for you.

A fixed display can work out to be much cheaper than a projector system. LED display have even brightness across the screen which means you can enjoy image uniformity. On the other side, movies appear more cinematic when projected on a large screen with a powerful audio system. With an acoustically transparent screen and ceiling speakers you can enjoy an immersive audio experience. 

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