projectors and screen for home cinema

We install projectors and screen of all range and size to best suit your budget 

and will manage every step of your  home cinema installation perfectly and professionally


home cinema projectors

1080p to 4k

The type of projector you choose for your home cinema room has a huge effect on the movie experience. 4K static projectors are most popular among dedicated cinema room installations with Ultra HD images that are potentially four times sharper than those we see from a 1080p Full HD projector.

Professional installation of ceiling hung projectors

available in black and white.

supply installation and calibration

We will help you with your projector ceiling and wall mount installation. This includes running of cables, mounting, signal set up, calibration for the best picture quality and training.

home cinema projector mount

projector mount

You may choose from wall and ceiling projector mount depending on your room structure and we will install them with utmost care

hidden home cinema projector installation

ceiling lifts

We offer installation of concealed projectors using motorised ceiling lifts for living room and multipurpose cinema rooms

cinema room concealed cabling


We are experts in running power and input audio video cables through wall and ceiling cavities for the ultimate home cinema experience

Choosing the right screen definitely account

to the image quality and ease of use

home cinema screen

static & hidden

We offer installation and calibration of wall mounted and motorised projector screens for a stunning home cinema experience.  The central subwoofers are ideally installed behind acoustically transparent screen for a completely immersive cinema room. We deal directly with manufacturers and so they even come along after installation to help calibrate the cinema.

projector or led display

a comparison

Movies appear more cinematic when projected on a large screen and in a suitably dark environment in tandem with a powerful audio system. Large TV displays are visually stunning when compared to projector system however there is a significant compromise of not being able to place the most important centre speaker correctly. Adding a sounder would sort this to a great extend.

Large LED TV for cinema room

SAMSUNG’s new 292 inch television THE WALL 

using millions of LEDs to create the perfect image

Yes, the weather and sunlight would be taken into account, but we can definitely help you with garage, garden and poolside projector installation.

Yes. We choose TV instead of projectors for small cinema rooms and living room cinema set up.

Yes, we offer installation only service. We would need to carry out a site survey for this.

Yes, we can recommend you best brands that fits your budget

Yes, depending on the structure of your room. We would need a site survey to confirm this. In most cases it is possible.

projector and screen installation for
dedicated and living room cinema

new build, renovation, extension or garage conversion

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smart home survey

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to discuss any Audio Visual, Lighting, Data Networking, Security System and gate installation needs. 

showroom demo

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to experience the WOW effect of Cinema room and smart home. 


Let us know your address and email and we will send you the specification with cost – Yes no hidden charges £9000 only including supply and installation.