home cinema room lighting

We offer supply and installation of LED lights, fibre optics, over head, cove and floor lighting

and integrate them with your smart home controller. Lighting designers at Smartech can help you

design your home cinema room with the ultimate ambience that would fall in love.

night Star ceiling

from starscape

We are authorised dealers and installers of star light ceiling that gives you the most deserved escape from the busiest day of your life. They are absolutely awesome and has power to cool yourself down to a great extend. We install white and colour changing fibre optic lighting and this best suit a recessed ceiling design.

home cinema lighting ceiling star

Plan early for a recessed ceiling and enjoy the coolest 

night sky in your cinema room

installation of home cinema lighting

Our lighting designers work with you to understand what else the space will be used for. Based on the answers we design ceiling, floor and wall lighting and ensure that the room is equipped with right electrical requirement.

cove lighting for home cinema

cove lighting

We install LED strips that create a soft and diffused glow that doesn’t result in any glare on screen

home cinema floor lighting LED

floor light

Home cinema floor lighting is often installed to highlight steps, risers, and provide clear paths to nip out

home cinema room wall lighting installation

wall lights

Installation of soft LED column light adds just enough light to see your controls and beverages.

smart cinema lighting

Endless possibilities with automation of lighting

and Audio Visual equipments

setting scenes

We can integrate your home cinema lighting with your smart home controller and modify the light settings in the cinema room to adapt to the scene. For example a scene can be programmed for gaming while a different setting for movie.


room structure & lighting

Many of our customers use the space for more than movie night. A cinema room serves as an essential space for entertaining, spending time with the family, setting up a pool table and pub to the corner and more. These other uses don’t always require dark lighting. You need to take into consideration what else the space will be used for.  


It is completely acceptable to select your home cinema room with windows and we would recommend investing in blackout shades and curtains. Home cinema room lighting can require significant electrical work before the drywall and other structural elements are in place. Our lighting designer can work with your electrician to design and draft cinema room lighting at the perfect ambience.

Home cinema room lighting
design and installation

new build, renovation, extension or garage conversion

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