acoustic treatment for home cinema

We can work with your interior designers and builders to analyse the sound management and home cinema acoustics needed for the structure of your selected cinema room 

for the ultimate audio experience.


acoustic treatment

what is it?
Acoustic treatments are products that absorb sound waves which improves the sound within your cinema room, giving you better listening experience. Depending on the size and shape of the room we can help you identify reflective surfaces and recommend acoustic panels within your budget.
home cinema acoustics treatment

Acoustic panels enhance the sound quality of your cinema room

by diffusing reflective sound waves

home cinema acoustic walls

Covering your entire or part of the wall with sound absorbing 

material delivers the ultimate audio experience


home cinema acoustics

manage sound

It is possible to completely resurface your cinema room walls with sound absorbing material covered in special acoustic fabric of any colour of your choice. We can add a design touch to the wall to give you the finish you are looking for. It is important to use thick carpets on the floor for maximum sound absorption.  

cost of acoustic treatment

based on size

The cost of acoustic treatment varies depending on the area covered and the design and colour of the panels. There are many different sizes and shaped available in the market for you to choose from. A fabric covered acoustic wall and thick acoustic curtains are also options to minimise bass vibrations in your cinema room.

home cinema acoustic treatment estimate

Fabric wall with integrated lighting adds style and

quality to your dream cinema room.

sound proofing cinema room

Sound proofing is important in isolating your cinema room

from other near by rooms.

not the same

Sound proofing is sound isolation, which means preventing sound from travelling outside and vice versa.  The only way to achieve this is to add acoustic insulation and add air gaps between the two sides of the wall.  Your builder would be able to help you with sound proofing if your cinema room is still under construction.

An average audio system would feel better and a high end audio would sound best with acoustic treatment. This should definitely be included for a dedicated cinema room with no windows as the chances of bass reflection is maximum and this should be avoided at any cost. So it is wise to include acoustic treatment in your budget.

Yes, we can draft 3D design of your fabric walls or acoustic panels

Dedicated cinema room design and installation

new build, renovation, extension or garage conversion

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