Dedicated home cinema room

We’ll help you design and install dedicated home cinema room in London, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire

design and installation of
home cinema room

We offer design and installation of fully immersive dedicated cinema rooms for your home. If you have the space for a bespoke movie theatre at home, we can help you design and install a complete complete cinema room which includes audio visual, lighting, seating and acoustics.

  • CINEMA room Audio and Video

    For a dedicated cinema room we focus on ultimate audio visual performance that delivers an immersive experience, a Dolby Atmos home theater setup

  • cinema room LIGHTING

    If your budget allows, we recommend column lights, cove lighting, step lighting or a star ceiling, there are endless options to blend lighting into your cinema room

  • Acoustic treatment

    Acoustics is all about minimising sound reflections and delivering awesome bass reproduction as well as soundproofing your home cinema room from other connected rooms

choosing the right home cinema room

Garage, attic, basement or a spare bedroom can be

converted to a home cinema room

right room for cinema

identify the space

The size of the room is taken into account in deciding if we can install a projector screen or a large TV. A room of 6m x 4.5m room would suffice the installation of a projector screen combo with an aspect ratio of 16:9. We prefer the shape of the room to be rectangular or ideally a Golden Trapagon.

choosing audio and visual equipment

Taking into account, the size of your proposed cinema room, viewing angle of 30 degree and an aspect ratio of 16:9 we would recommend projector-screen combo or a large TV. For new build renovation and conversion projects we would recommend installing on-wall and ceiling speakers as well as central subwoofer behind the acoustically transparent screen

home cinema projector installation

projector and screen

We install projector hung from ceiling and acoustically transparent static screens with central subwoofers hidden behind the screen

home cinema TV installation

huge 4k led tv

For smaller rooms we offer installation of large LED TV wall with surround speakers and floor standing subwoofers

home cinema speaker installation

on wall sound

If your budget and room size allows, we recommend installation of on wall dolby atoms sound system in 5.1 or 7.1 configuration

home cinema on floor speakers

on floor audio

Floor standing speakers and subwoofers would suit rooms with no provision to open up the walls to experience cinema

acoustic treatment

managing sound

With acoustic treatment we can make your cost-effective equipment sound great, and a high end equipment sound amazing. Acoustics is all about minimising sound reflections and delivering awesome bass reproduction as well as soundproofing your home cinema room from other connected rooms. 

home cinema acoustic treatment

Installation of acoustic walls 

that delivers awesome bass reproduction

home cinema seating

Single chairs to linked seats

in both straight and curved configurations

home cinema seating

custom made sofa
We can work with your interior designer or yourself in choosing the right colour for your cinema room seating. We have partnered with FrontRow home cinema seating providers offering bespoke theatre seating in leather and fabric with built in cupholders and USB charging point. Bespoke cinema seating has to be planned earlier as it might take 12 to 24 weeks for delivery.
choosing the decor of your home cinema

Details like the carpet you choose, curtains on either side of the screen, walls sconces on the side walls, and a star night ceiling can all make a difference. We would recommend dark themes, matte finish painting and carpet flooring to avoid any reflections.

home cinema room room walls and ceiling

walls & ceiling

Consider sound proofing your wall and ceiling if your room is still under construction. This way we can reduce noice coming in and sound going out

cinema room flooring


Hardwood floors and smooth surface is not a good choice for a dedicated cinema room. Always go for a thick carpet or top up your floor with a rug

cinema room with doors and windows

window & doors

We would recommend installing thick curtains for those windows and doors that are on straight reflection points of your sound system

home theatre lighting

setting the ambience
Lights chosen with careful consideration can lift your home cinema room design to the next level. We take into consideration what else the space will be used for before suggesting various cinema room lighting options.

Integrating lighting into architecture

of your home cinema room

smart home cinema installation

A tap of the “Movie” button activates the projector,

queues the sound, and dims the lights

smart cinema room

how to control
The true magic of a home cinema is when everything comes together. With Control4, we can make your home cinema investment worthwhile by removing the complexity of managing multiple remotes with just one that is sleek, sophisticated, and easy for the whole family to use.

 smartech home cinema services


Our first step would be to understand your vision for the theatre. We want to understand who will be using the cinema room and how you will be using it. This involves a dedicated viewing session with one of our experts at our showroom in Farnham Common. This allows you to fully experience different levels of theatre and all the options available. 


We offer audio, visual, lighting and acoustic design of your cinema room to deliver ultimate theatre experience within your budget.


We are CEDIA certified installers who can help you determine the right audio video, lighting and acoustic equipment and install them in phases.


Experts at Smartech offer fine-tuning of your cinema room audio and video system for the ultimate sound and picture quality, and colour.

A large LED TV with a surround sound speaker installation can be accommodated in a room of 3×3.5m while a projector screen combo would require larger rectangle shaped room from 5m x 3.5m.

The cost varies from 12K to 75K depending on the equipments and services needed. It would be ideal to set a budget and talk to our experts to plan your cinema room that fits your pocket. 

All dark colour seems appealing in theatre design. The popular colours are dark grey, brown, blue and red. You may alternate lighter and deeper shade of the same colour for the most modern look.

The screen size depends on the size of the room. The most popular projector screen aspect ratio is 16:9 and you should allow a 55” gap between the seating and screen with a 30 degree viewing angle

converting your garage, attic or spare room to a dedicated cinema room

experience the stunning ambience.

visit our home cinema showroom

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Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to experience the WOW effect of Cinema room and smart home. 

smart home survey

Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to discuss any Audio Visual, Lighting, Data Networking, Security System and gate installation needs. 


Let us know your address and email and we will send you the specification with cost – Yes no hidden charges £9000 only including supply and installation.