Automation of electric gates

Electric gate installer offering automation of electric gates with your smart home. We use Control4 intercom and Nice gate motor for smart home integration of swing and sliding gates. We deal directly with gate manufacturers and install wooden and metal gates for domestic properties .


We offer automation of your electric gates either by connecting it to the smart home video intercom or as standalone gates.


Experts at Smartech supply and install wooden and metal gates for domestic premises in Farnham Common and outskirts

service & REPAIR

Contact us to service and repair your electric sliding or swing gates, fix your intercom or reconnect your gates to smart home.

Automated electric gate installation with video intercom 

connected to your smart home.

smart intercom for your gates

from control4

We supply and install wooden and metal gates and integrate them with video intercom from as well as your smart home for ease of use. With 4Sight App subscription you can control your gate intercom from anywhere in the world. 

electric gate motors

nice for you

We are authorised dealers and installers of Nice gate motors for sliding and swing gates. Nice offers the simplest integration, the widest range, the most advanced electronics and the finest design, so as to provide you the most complete and attractive gate automation system.

automated gate installation Nice motors

Nice gate motors installed using an underground

motor to minimise visual impact by electric gate installer

sliding or swing gates

how to choose
Swing gates are the most common type of gate used for domestic properties. Bi-Parting swing gates take up less driveway space than a single gate and are recommended for driveways that are over 5.5m wide. Typically, swing gates open inwards towards the property but if the driveway slopes or curves sharply, you need to consider other models.
Bi-parting swing gates are less affected by wind and cause less stress on posts, hinges and gate motors. Swing are an option if your driveway has no fence or wall for the sliding gate to slide in. If both a swing or a sliding gate are feasible, a swing gate is generally recommended as they are prettier and less expensive than sliding gates.

Sliding gates can be either single or bi-parting and are more commonly used for commercial properties but are an excellent choice for residential properties with space constrain.  


Sliding gates aren’t effected by the wind like a swing gate and can be used on slopped driveways. If your driveway length is limited, installing a sliding gate would help you utilise maximum parking space for your cars. They are also preferred in high windy areas and is expensive that swing gates in terms of installation and maintenance.

We need to conduct a site survey and see the possibilities of running cables and power supply to the gate motors. If this possible, we would be able to automate your gate.

Yes, you can use remote control or smart phone app to control your gates.

Yes, we do install wooden and metal gates. Please talk to our staff for a full catalogue to choose your gate design.

We use Nice motors to automate your gates.

installation & automation of electric gates for your driveway

sliding and swing wooden and metal gates

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Submit a request to arrange an appointment with our experts to discuss any Audio Visual, Lighting, Data Networking, Security System and gate installation needs. 

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Let us know your address and email and we will send you the specification with cost – Yes no hidden charges £9000 only including supply and installation.